Overview of the project

We envision breaking ground on our new development project in spring 2023 to enliven the island by having a 16-room hotel and a 120+ seat restaurant. We are excited to bring back a bit of our history by introducing a resort and restaurant to the area again.

Silva Bay aims to be a peaceful destination where you can retreat to the beautiful natural environment. We also hope to enliven the south end of the island with amenities such as the restaurant, bar and grocery store. In addition, there will be a new marine facility, fabulous green space, lounge space, art space, reading nooks and patio.

In a glance:

–  Casually elegant hotel with 16 rooms

–  Restaurant and bar with 120+ seats

–  The grocery store of 1000 square feet

–  New marina facility

–  New civil infrastructure

–  Green space

–  Lounge space

–  Art space for local artists to demonstrate their artwork

–  Bookshelves and quiet readings nooks, including space for writers to showcase their work

–  Patio overlooking the stunning views

–  New and improved septic system

An extraordinary destination, inspired by nature and a tranquil guest experience.