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(Apr 25 2022)


Marine Repair Construction’s Summary in Silva Bay


We’re excited to announce that the marine repair construction is coming to an end. We successfully made significant improvements to the property’s infrastructure and environment. Silva Bay Resort & Marina thanks everyone for their patience and support towards our marine construction.


Through the construction process, we continued to develop the marina in an environmentally conscious manner using extensive environmental monitoring during the in-water works of the construction. While new piles were installed in the marina and other construction sites, we took necessary precautions to ensure no additional unnecessary disturbance to marine life in Silva Bay. The environmental monitoring was continued in use onsite for marine repair projects while construction took place, which allowed us to monitor any impact on fish and other marine life.


Following we will be reviewing all the upgrades in the marine construction project.




The apron deck of Silva Bay Shipyard is the core corridor of the shipyard’s operation. We were able to devise a solution to replace the old wooden and unsafe structure of the previous apron deck by flattening the roadway with sand, gravel, and lock blocks. The upgraded and widened shipyard apron now increases the capacity for future shipyard operations. Operations will become safer and easier to maintain moving forward.



Store Deck

We are installing a new deck and patio for improved seating and safety. To replace the deck, we will be removing the degraded decking boards and pilings. The new store deck will provide users with more space to enjoy the picturesque scenery of Silva Bay!


Workshop building maintenance

The workshop building next to the shipyard apron is one of our main locations for shipyard tenants to carry out repair activities. We have installed concrete pads to maintain column support for the foundation of the building and managed to salvage and reuse the shipyard building roof. The shipyard workshop building is now in a better condition and, moving forward, will provide a safer facility to operate.



Travel Lift

The travel lift at the shipyard is structurally unsafe due to rot and weather decay. Because of the unsafe condition of the travel lift, it will have to be removed. The positive impact of removing the travel lift is that we will be able to make important riparian improvements with riprap, which will help decrease water velocity and protect against coastal erosion.


We plan to have a boat launch, and we will continue to study each viable option. We also plan to bring back the functional shipyard as government permitting allows.


Shipyard Canopy

The historical shipyard building and area, which is an important part of the vision of the marina, has been left neglected and in need of repair. The structure and some retaining walls are unsafe and beyond repair due to rotting wood and unstable lands. The construction crew removed and cleaned up the shipyard building and area, creating a safer environment for our guests and our community.


While the marina repair construction is finally complete, we want to remind everyone that our upland construction is still in progress. Please follow the construction site’s safety procedure.


Also, for the latest updates and news of our exciting new developments at Silva Bay Resort & Marina, please follow our social media and website!