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(Updated September 18 2020)


Life Jackets Available For Our Little Marina Guests


Are you looking forward to exploring the variety of aquatic animals or searching for a breathtaking destination which is surrounded by nature?


One of the best places for you is the mighty ocean.


So far, social distancing and hand washing have continued to become parts of our essential precautions in our lives, preventing the spread of pandemics and protecting ourselves. It’s important that we should limit any non-essential travels and avoid groups of people.


The same importance to us is the safety of our guests at our marina.


As Autumn 2020 approaches, Silva Bay Resort & Marina is getting ready for the new season and with that, something new has been prepared for our little guests at the marina.


To support a safe and healthy boating environment, we have joined with the Kids Don’t Float PFD (personal floatation device) Loaner Program to lend out a mini life jacket for children that are on the marina docks or heading out from the marina to enjoy some boating time.


We are offering different sizes of life jackets to fit your children’s needs, and please read the sizing instructions on the inside of the PFD for proper fit.



The program is sponsored by RCMSAR (Royal Canadian Marina Search & Rescue) station Nanaimo. The PFDs are donated by Kiwanis CLUB Nanaimo Sunrisers and the loaner station board is donated by SBRM.


We thank everyone who made this possible for our marina during this difficult time and hope that pandemic will end soon so that we can all start our journeys again to explore picturesque scenes of nature!



From left to right Deborah Thomson, SAR Prevention Manager, Lisa Millard, Marina Manager, Tom Forrest, Station Leader RCMSAR27, and Brad Scott, RCMSAR27